Week of 12/14/15: Memory


Journal Articles

Time-based Loss in Visual Short-Term Memory is from Trace Decay, not Temporal Distinctiveness

Does Stress Remove the HDAC Brakes for the Formation and Persistence of Long-term Memory?

Working Memory Underpins Cognitive Development, Learning, and Education

The Fallibility of Memory in Judicial Processes: Lessons from the Past and Their Modern Consequences

Autobiographical Memory Disturbances in Depression: A Novel Therapeutic Target?

News Articles

Stereotypes Around Aging Can Negatively Impact Memory and Hearing

Gene Therapy Cound Extend Estrogen’s Protective Effects on Memory

Can Physical Exercise Enhance Long-term Memory?

3-D Video Games Can Boost Memory Formation, Research Says

900,000 Euros for Memory Research


How a 5-Ounce Bird Stores 10,000 Maps in Its Head

Video: Why Elephants Never Forget

You Have No Idea What Happened

Why Childhood Memories Disappear

How Typing is Destroying Your Memory